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The challenge for ISPs today is to fight customer churn while increasing ARPU (Average Revenue per User) in a market where bandwidth is increasingly commoditized. The key is to deliver services that are valuable to your customers and that can be delivered seamlessly within the network while keeping core functionality running smoothly. Security has long been an attractive option for ISPs, but the technology limitations, capital expense and expertise required meant the opportunity could never be fully realized. Save for the very large providers, security was simply too expensive and disruptive to the network to truly integrate it and monetize it significantly


Prevents Advanced Threats Across All Attack Vectors With Comprehensive Security Capability.

Addresses IoT, BYOD and Cloud Challenges by Implementing Security within the Internet Pipe

Simplifies Service Provisioning With Seamless Integration Into Back End Management Systems.

Enables Easy Service Ramp-Up with Straightforward Partnering Model.

Delivers Real-Time Visibility Into Customers’ Own Security Posture.

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