Active Equipment (OLT & ONTs)

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The Calix Unified Access portfolio provides the industry’s premier systems and software solutions for enabling service provider success. Optimized for their differing roles in the network, Calix Unified Access solutions are both flexible and unified by a strict adherence to industry standards, a shared Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA), and a single comprehensive management system. The result is a Unified Access infrastructure that provides the following benefits: Simplified deployment, low operating costs, easy and efficient upgrades, and faster time-to-market.

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Calix Ethernet Service Access Platforms (ESAP)

The ESAP brings a new generation of low latency, high capacity Ethernet to the access network. It is designed for IP over glass and an all-video world, and delivers advanced fiber technologies (GPON, AE / point-to-point GE). Also, it enables service providers to deliver differentiated triple play services, advanced business services, and mobile backhaul from a single converged network that revolutionizes the economics of networking by enabling new services and market expansion with a flexible, scalable, pay-as-you-grow architecture.

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E7-20 System Brochure.


Calix E7-20 Switch Control Processor.


Calix E7-20 GPON-8x.


Calix E7-20 GPON-4x.


Calix E7-20 GE-24x.


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E7-2 System Brochure.


Calix E7-2 GPON-8.


Calix E7-2 GPON-4.


Calix E7-2 GPON-4 r2.


Calix E7-2 10GE-4.


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Calix E7-2 GE-24. Calix E7-2 GE-12.

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    • Calix T072G GPON Home Gateway Unit.



    • Calix T073G, T076G, and T077G GPON Home Gateway Units


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  • Calix T710G-24 & T720G-24 GPON (MDU) ONTs.



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      • Calix 700GE-I Indoor Optical Network Terminals.



      • Calix 700GE Outdoor Optical Network Terminals



      • Calix 740GE Outdoor Optical Network Terminals



      • Calix 836GE Residential Services Gateway.


[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”MDU” tab_id=”814d922f-3ab9-cl”][vc_column_text css_animation=”left-to-right”]Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU)

    • Calix 760GX-R MDU.




  • Calix 760GX Outdoor MDU.




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