Passive Fiber Infrastructure

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Passive Fiber Infrastructure

The passive infrastructure in any fiber optic network is a long-term investment. Hexatronic offers cost-efficient and scalable fiber optic network products to enable your lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures future-proof solutions.

Hexatronic technologies for the passive part of the Access Network consist of two air-blown fiber systems specially developed for access networks with traditional fiber optic Drop cables.

Regardless of chosen network technology, either a passive optical network (PON) with a partially shared fiber infrastructure, or a point-to-point network (P2P) with dedicated fibers to each end user, our systems support a variety of changes as capacity and services evolve.


Central Termination Point

The Hexatronic Central Termination Point offering features fiber management systems to efficiently and cost-effectively organize and terminate large quantities of fiber.

Hexatronic Equipment Rack Systems

Optical Distribution Frames

Patch Cords, Pigtails and Cable Assemblies

Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices

Fiber Optic Accessories

Feeder and Distribution Networks

The Feeder and Distribution Network is the backbone of any fiber access network.

Micronet Air Blown Micro Cables

Microducts and Multiducts for Micro Cables

Duct Joints and Duct Accessories

Fiber Distribution Hubs

Drop and Premises Networks

The Drop and Premises Network offering features the Hexatronic Ribbonet® system for “last mile” deployment in the access network.

Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber

Drop Cables

Microducts and Multiducts for Air Blown

Duct Joints and Other Duct Equipment

Fiber Access Terminals

Installation Tools and Accessories

Fiber Termination Boxes and O/E Conversion

Fiber Transport Network

We offer a wide selection of fiber optic cables for transport, metro or access networks, ranging from multi-fiber trunk cables to indoor installation cables with slender profiles.

Outdoor F.O Cables for Duct Installation

Outdoor F.O Cables for Direct Buried Installation

Outdoor F.O Cables for Aerial Installation

Outdoor F.O Joint Closures

Submarine F.O Cables

Indoor F.O Cables

Indoor/Outdoor F.O Cables

White Paper: Passive Fiber Infrastructure Catalog – Hexatronic


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