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Wedge Networks’ carrier-grade Anti-Spam Network App combines real-time intelligence of over 2 billion sensors worldwide with behavioral analysis and Deep Content Inspection (“DCI”) to secure against all messaging threats. Wedge Networks’ Anti-Spam rapidly deploys into even the most complex of networks with transparent (non-MTA), two-way protection.

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Wedge Networks’ Anti-Malware Network App combine real-time sandboxing with the broadest threat intelligence and Deep Content Inspection (“DCI”) to secure against all malware attacks, persistent threats, network abuse, and blended attacks across all networked devices

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Wedge Networks’ Web Filter Network App uses the largest web classification database with the most comprehensive categories, augmented with human reviews producing industry-best accuracy. This enables organizations to understand, filter, monitor and report on internet usage, allowing employees to take full advantage of the Web without compromising business goals.

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Data Loss Prevention

Wedge Networks’™ Data Leakage Prevention Network App detects and prevents the leakage of structured and unstructured data, effectively stopping confidential data escaping via web and email.

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Education Security

Wedge has helped thousands of educational organizations around the world control inappropriate web browsing, better manage bandwidth concerns, stop malware, and control mobile devices at the network level. We have a range of content security solutions which can help keep your students and staff safe and productive while online; helping your organization manage risks and maintain compliance.

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Mobile Security

Wedge Networks’ Mobile Security enables the secure usage of mobile devices solving the phishing, malware, network abuse, and blended attacks and data security within your network or while roaming.

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