Unified Threat Management

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Network Encryption

With CryptoGuard VPN, you are completely protected because CryptoGuard VPN controls all the IP traffic between different locations. With the use of CryptoGuard VPN the connection is secured because the data is encrypted and thus un-readable.

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Network Security

With the CompuWall, Compumatica designed a solution for this issue. CompuWall is a combination of the own Compumatica VPN concentrator and the Compumatica Next Generation firewall in one. Thanks to the merging of these functionalities it is very user-friendly for both the administrator and the user. CompuWall is a software product without any license limitation regarding the number of concurrent users.

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SCADA / ICS Security

The solution for this security issue is CompuDiode by Compumatica. With CompuDiode access to the PCS systems from the internet is protected which makes attacks from the outside impossible.

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Email Encryption

CompuMail Gateway encrypts and signs all the e-mail traffic and is the solution for secure e-mail in an organization. CompuMail Gateway is a software application, which is centrally integrated in the SMTP chain. The encryption can be done by four different methods: S/MIME, OpenPGP, PDF or CompuWebmail. The webmail functionality allows sending e-mails via the web from an external device and location.

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Mobile Security

To prevent interception Compumatica developed the CompuMobile solution. You can extend your existing smartphone to a phone which can be used for secure calling, secure SMS and secure messaging. CompuMobile is a software application in combination with a secure MicroSD card. The application will be installed from the MicroSD card and works on Android and BlackBerry smartphones. CompuMobile encrypts your phone call by using modern encryption methods.

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BYOD Security

To solve these issues Compumatica introduced a secure mobile application called CompuPIM. CompuPIM provides a complete separation of private and business data by using a secure container. The application was developed to store all data within the container in an encrypted way so that they can only be decrypted for use after the required authentication has taken place.

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